Electric toothbrushes are overpriced, but these Prime Day deals are worth smiling about

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Electric toothbrushes vary enormously in style and price, from highly advanced AI-driven monstrosities to simple battery-powered sonic devices. Prices can run into the hundreds of pounds, which sounds wild for something you clean your teeth with, but fortunately you can pick up a perfectly good toothbrush for a lot less. 

I'm convinced the toothbrush companies are aware of the massive markup, too. Enter the October Amazon Prime Day deals, or the Big Deal Days event as Amazon is calling its latest sales. 

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It's a great opportunity to grab one of the best electric toothbrushes at a seriously big discount, meaning they can go from being a luxury purchase to a relative bargain. We've listed the best deals we've found below, and you can check the Health & Beauty section of our collection of 50+ deals from Amazon Prime Day for more. 

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Best Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals:

Oral-B Pro 3:£100£45 at Amazon

Oral-B Pro 3: was £100 now £45 at Amazon
This mid-range toothbrush is a solid pickup while it's 55% off for Prime Big Deal Days. It doesn't boast many high-end features, but it has the basic ones you need to brush your teeth effectively and efficiently, including a two-minute timer and a visible pressure sensor.

Oral-B iO3:£160£75 at Amazon

Oral-B iO3: was £160 now £75 at Amazon
The Oral-B iO3 offerssolid performance, though it lacks some of the high-end features you might expect from Oral-B's other premium toothbrushes. Still, it comes with a pressure sensor, three brushing modes, and an alert for when you need to change the brush head. It's also over 50% off at Amazon right now, so this could be a good time to pick it up.

Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Toothbrush: £249.99 £94.99 at Amazon

Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Toothbrush: was £249.99 now £94.99 at Amazon
There are toothbrushes, and then there are toothbrushes, and the Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition is firmly in the latter camp. Amazon has knocked an almighty £155 off its normal price for Prime Early Access, and for less than £100 you're getting Bluetooth connectivity, four clean modes, and a charging travel case.

Oral-B Smart 6:£219.99 £64.99 at Amazon

Oral-B Smart 6: was £219.99 now £64.99 at Amazon
Three replacement brush heads, a rechargeable handle, and a travel case make this Oral-B model excellent value. 

Best Amazon Prime Day water flosser deals

Water flossers are a relatively new product, but they're proving increasingly popular, as they eliminate household waste caused by disposable reels of dental floss. 

They pump water from a small personal reservoir and spray concentrated jets of water into your mouth, dislodging chunks of food just like flossing. They're rechargeable and obviously refillable, so you end up saving money long-term and reducing plastic usage.

Below are the two Prime Day deals I'd pick, based on what I've seen so far:

Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser: was £74.99£49.99 at Amazon

Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser: was £74.99 now £49.99 at Amazon
Water flossers are devices that dislodge the gunk between your teeth with concentrated jets of water. They're much more sustainable than disposable floss, and cheaper in the long run – and right now you can save £25 on one of the best-known of the bunch, the Waterpik Nano.

Panasonic EW-DJ11 Compact & Portable Water Flosser:was £59.99£31.99 at Amazon

Panasonic EW-DJ11 Compact & Portable Water Flosser: was £59.99 now £31.99 at Amazon
Panasonic's EW-DJ11 water flosser is a travel version with a built-in reservoir. It collapses down like a toy lightsaber for easy storage, has two pressure settings, and is powered by AA batteries. 

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