Amazon Prime Day TV deal predictions: what our experts expect

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TVs are always massively popular among the best Prime Day deals, and we don't expect 2022 to be any different. There will probably be a huge range of discounts on TVs ranging from small and budget options, right up to elite sets made for home theater enthusiasts.

We'll pick up all the best TV deals as they happen, but if you're thinking of grabbing a new TV when Prime Day launches on Tuesday 12 July, you're probably wondering what kind of deals you can actually expect on the day.

While we can't predict exactly what will happen, we've covered a lot of Prime Days and other sales events in the past, so we do have an idea what kind of models tend to be included, what level of discounts are likely, and what brands will be involved.

Obviously, we're not covering everything that might be included here, but we'll run you through our predictions – including specific options for US and UK.

Samsung TVs on Prime Day

These are the big three companies that sell (mostly) the same models worldwide, so the models we're mentioning here will generally apply to any country where these brands are available.

Samsung's TVs have always been a staple of sales events, and there's no question that they'll be a part of Prime Day too. The question is whether its 2022 TVs will be included, or whether it'll be limited to the 2021 TVs that are still on the shelves. 

From the 2022 range, we'd keep an eye on the Samsung Q60B in particular – the 'Q60' TVs are Samsung's cheapest sets that have QLED screens, and commonly get price drops during sales. The Q60B might be quite new, but it's also probably the model that would be most popular with a price cut, so it feels likely.

From last year's models, the best-value deals will likely be on the Samsung Q80A, Samsung QN85A and Samsung QN90A.

The Q80A is just a strong balance of image quality, features and price, and has already been discounted a lot. An extra 10% or 20% off would make it an incredible bargain.

You can read our Samsung QN85A and Samsung QN90A reviews for exactly why we rate these Neo QLED TVs, with next-gen mini-LED backlights, so strongly – but suffice it to say they're some of the brightest TVs around, and yet can offer contrast that rivals OLED TVs. Again, both models have received big price cuts already, and a further discount will make them just fantastic investment – high-end TVs you'll be happy with for years.

LG TVs on Prime Day

LG's OLED TVs are always big hits in the sales, and we've already seen the LG C1 get pre-Prime Day deals, which will probably stay available over the day itself. In our full LG C1 review, you can read why this TV from 2021 is still a great purchase today. And we didn't expect the LG C2 to get big discounts on Prime Day, but actually it's already getting them in some countries, so if you want the latest and greatest, you should seriously consider it. Here's our LG C2 review.

Beyond that, there's a good chance that LG's cheapest ever OLED TV, the LG A1, will get discounts (in the countries where it's sold). This TV gives you the gorgeous HDR contrast that OLED is known for, but cuts back on some of the advanced gaming features and other options that the LG C1 offers.

We also expect to see offers on LG's NanoCell LCD TVs, which generally offer great, bright images and a nice range of extra features. Look for the LG NANO9 models if you want a higher-end option with next-gen gaming features, or the LG NANO7 if you just want to focus on good image quality for the price.

Sony TVs on Prime Day

We'd be very surprised in any Sony 2022 TVs are included in Prime Day this year, because they launched slightly later than Samsung and LG's, and so are even newer. No, we expect the 2021 models from Sony to be the focus this time.

In particular, look for the Sony X90J. This has been Sony's big hitter for the mainstream, and price cuts have made it excellent value – if another 10-20% discount is added to it, it'll be a very good buy indeed. Here's our full Sony X90J review.

We expect there to be discounts on Sony's 2021 OLED TVs too – probably on the both the high-end Sony A90J and the more affordable Sony A80J. These will need to be fairly good discounts – Sony's OLED TVs are fantastic, but they're usually priced higher than equivalents from the likes of LG, and LG tends to be aggressive with discounts, so Sony needs to come close to matching LG's prices.

US-specific Prime Day TV models

Viewers in the US should have their Prime Day eyes peeled on TCL, Vizio, Hisense, and Amazon’s own Fire TV brands. These are normally go-to options for budget-conscious big-screen TV shoppers, with all offering 65-inch or even larger models for under $1,000, But Prime Day could present an opportunity to score even better deals on sets big and small.

The TCL R635 models – aka, the 6-Series – are the ones to look out for, since they offer cutting-edge features like Mini-LED backlight tech and Quantum Dots. This combination results in exceptionally bright images with excellent contrast and enhanced color. One step down the line is the TCL S535. These 5-Series models also incorporate Quantum Dots, but use more traditional LED backlighting.

From Hisense, the Hisense 55U8G is a fine option for anyone looking for a low-cost, feature-packed QLED model with high brightness and both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ high dynamic range compatibility. With a 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 ports, this set is also gamer-friendly and will be a literal steal if Amazon discounts its already low price. Looking to spend under $500? The Hisense 50U6HF (U6 Series) is another one to look for since it’s a QLED model with built-in Fire TV smart interface that’s currently selling for $399 – a 25% discount.

The Vizio M-series is the line from that brand providing the strongest combination of performance and value. Look for its 55-inch M-series model to dip below $500 on Prime Day, and you’ll know you’re scoring a great deal. And while the company’s OLED TVs are pricier than its LED-based sets, the Vizio OLED55-H1 is about the least expensive OLED option on the market, and it might be even a better deal come Prime Day.

Amazon’s own Fire TVs are another low-priced option, though they lack features like Quantum Dots, local dimming LED backlights, and OLED panels that you’ll find from some of the brands listed above. But they do support 4K and Dolby Vision HDR, and come with the company’s smart TV interface built-in. With hands-free voice control, the Amazon Fire TV Omni sets are a substantial option, with a 65-inch model currently priced at $499 – a 40% savings. One step down the line is the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series, with a 55-inch model now discounted by 45% to $285.

UK-specific Prime Day TV models

The two biggest TV brands to look out for on Prime Day that sell in the UK but not the US are Philips and Panasonic. Both offer high-end OLED TVs, as well as great affordable LCD models, and the latter in particular are always involved in these big sale events.

From Panasonic, we'd keep your eye on the Panasonic JX800 – the '800' series has been synonymous with offering astounding accurate picture quality for a low price. From its OLED range, we'd look for the Panasonic JZ1500, which carries a brighter OLED screen than average, but doesn't come with a high-end price. It feels ripe for a Prime Day deal.

From Philips, we've seen some great prices on the excellent Philips OLED806 OLED TV already, and we think there'll be more of that. The Philips OLED706 is the company's cheaper OLED set (cutting back on features such as next-gen gaming tech), and that also seems likely to get some extra money off. Philips has lots of less-expensive models, but for a real bargain, keep your eye on the Philips PUS7506, which is already seeing some very low prices from other stores.

We noticed that 43-inch TCL 43EP658 from 2021 doesn't currently have a discount, which is odd for a TV from last year, so we'll guess that this will get a great price on Prime Day. Otherwise, the mid-range TCL P617K has a bit of a discount going on at its smaller 43-inch size, and we'd bet that spreads to the larger sizes too over Prime Day.

If you're looking for small TVs for very low prices, the brands most likely to oblige are Toshiba and Sharp. The Toshiba UK3163 already has a great discount, and we're sure there'll be more models from Toshiba in the sale – it has a big range. Sharp's 32-inch and 24-inch TVs are popular – and, again, we're already seeing some offers there, and we expect more.

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