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You can finally get an 8K TV for under $3,000 at Best Buy

Samsung Q900
Finally an 8K TV that's slightly affordable (Image credit: Samsung)

Ever since we first started seeing 8K TVs at CES 2017, we were intrigued. But, the prohibitive pricing of any panel with such a huge resolution pretty much put a damper on anyone who wanted to get this technology in their homes. That may be coming to an end, though. 

Ahead of Black Friday, Best Buy is running a Magnolia Anniversary Sale, with "Black Friday Guaranteed Sales" – this means that if you see a lower price between now and Black Friday, Best Buy will refund the difference. The star of that sale right now is the Samsung Q900.

Right now you can get this 65" 8K QLED TV for just $2,999 at Best Buy. That might sound like a huge wad of cash, but without this Best Buy deal, this TV will set you back $4,999. We'd call that a bargain.  

Samsung Q900 65" 8K TV | $4,999 $2,999 at Best Buy
8K TVs are still in their infancy, which means that you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for the nascent technology. However, right now at Best Buy, you can save an unbelievable $2,000 on this Samsung Q900 8K TV. View Deal

Beyond the massive resolution, the Samsung Q900 of course has a 65" panel, which means it will demand the attention of anyone that walks into your living room. Its also got Samsung's Quantum HDR and full array backlighting. 

You might be asking "is there even any 8K content to watch on this thing?" Well, not really, no. However, the Samsung Q900 uses the power of AI to upscale your content to 8K. Pretty much anything you watch on this TV is going to look excellent. And, now that Halloween is right around the corner, there's no better way to watch those horror movies. 

The Samsung Q900 is still absolutely an expensive TV, but if you've been waiting for 8K TVs to reach the realm of normal expensive TVs, now might just be the time to make the upgrade.