This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy deals right now - save at least £250 on a Fold 4

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One of the best Samsung Galaxy deals all year is currently available at the official Samsung Store this week, with a trade-in saving of up to £580 and a free Galaxy Watch 4 being offered with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a pretty expensive phone, with a starting price of £1,649, but with this trade-in deal the price could go down to at least £1,399, if not more. This definitely qualifies it as one of the best Samsung phone deals out there at the moment and you can even spread the cost over 12 to 36 months with Samsung Finance and pay 0% interest. 

Given this is one of the latest Samsung foldable devices and one of the flagship handsets, this is a very convenient deal and would be perfect for someone looking for a package of top-tier devices to upgrade their tech setup.

The Fold 4 is a really impressive device, despite the price, and comes with great main and cover screens which are well optimised for multi-tasking. Its camera doesn't perhaps qualify as the best camera phones just yet, but it's still well above the average device, plus it now features a well-hidden selfie camera on the cover screen. The battery life is pretty good too, lasting at least 13 hours of usage - long enough to get you through a day of multi-tasking work. 

It's obviously still a pretty expensive phone, but this is likely one of the best deals you will find for this device ahead of the Black Friday sale.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: from £1,649 £1,399 with trade-in at Samsung
Save £250 -

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">from £1,649 £1,399 with trade-in at Samsung
Save £250 -
This Samsung Galaxy deal guarantees at least £250 of trade-in discount for any phone you hand over and will also bag you a free Galaxy Watch 4 worth £199. Professionals looking for a top-tier work device should be looking at this deal as a really good opportunity ahead of Black Friday. You'll get an excellent, multi-tasking phone and a top-tier smartwatch while still saving more than £200 on the original price.

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