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This 60-inch 4K TV is ridiculously cheap at Walmart ahead of Black Friday

(Image credit: RCA)

Looking for an extra TV to throw in the basement, den or even a bedroom? Walmart is selling this 60-inch, 4K RCA TV for half of its list price in its Black Friday Early Access Sale.

This is a massive deal, and one of the cheapest 60-inch 4K TVs we've ever seen. Naturally, however, it's light on the feature front.

RCA 4K TV 60-inch is $599 $299 at Walmart
Walmart is selling this massive 4K television for half of its list price. That includes a 60Hz refresh rate and four HDMI ports, so it nails the very basics and not much else – perfect for a secondary TV.View Deal

While we don't suggest you grab this 4K TV as your main screen, as RCA is a brand that has fallen out of favor since the '80s and '90s, with the ikes of Samsung, LG, Sony and others producing better quality sets.

However, if your kid is asking for a big screen in their bedroom or one down the basement for watching cartoons in 4K, or you want to equip that guest bedroom with a big screen 4K TV, this is a fine option – especially at this price.

  • If this is what Black Friday is looking like already, we can't wait for Cyber Monday