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Squarespace prices, plans, and discounts: the best offers for September 2020

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Squarespace is a great website builder that makes creating your own website a breeze. You can easily browse templates on the website before purchasing or signing up for the free trial. Squarespace has a very professional interface, so it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for on their website. You can use any of the pre-designed templates and upload your own photos, videos, and content to make your website unique. If you select the “get started” option on the website, you’ll answer a few questions about the purpose of your website to help Squarespace find templates that will work best for you. 

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 How much does Squarespace cost? 

If the design of your website is important to you, especially if you want to highlight a portfolio or graphic design work, then Squarespace has many template options for you. All plans are more affordable when you pay annually. Here’s the four most common plans for web hosting: 

The Personal plan costs $12.00 per month. It includes one website domain, a SSL certificate, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and an option to include up to two contributors. For a basic plan, the unlimited storage is a huge plus. 

The Business, which works great for anyone looking for built-in marketing and ecommerce, costs $18.00 per month. In addition to what’s included in the Personal plan, it includes a personal email from Google, access to advanced analytics, and an option to sell products for a transaction rate of 3%. 

The Basic Commerce plan makes it even easier to sell products on your website. It costs $26.00 per month when you pay annually. This plan doesn’t have any transaction rates when you sell products, and includes an option to sell items on Instagram. 

The Advanced Commerce plan is the highest level of website hosting. This plan costs $40.00 per month and includes all of the features on Squarespace, including advanced discounts, advanced shipping, and the ability to sell subscriptions. This plan works well for anyone working on a large website project and manages lots of traffic.

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Are there any Squarespace discounts or coupons available?  

Squarespace provides a 10% discount using this promo code for any of the plans on their website. This coupon works only for first time users. If you’re a student building your own website, Squarespace offers a coupon for 50% off. This is quite the bargain for entrepreneurs. 

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Can I try Squarespace for free before purchasing? 

Yes, you can try Squarespace free for 14 days. After your trial, you’ll have the option to either cancel or upgrade to one of the paid plans. 

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How well does Squarespace compare to the competition?  

Squarespace is unique from other website builders because the templates are all very professional looking. It can be difficult to find templates that are built for displaying photography or large portfolios. The fact that there’s unlimited storage space also puts Squarespace above many of its competitors such as HostGator and GoDaddy. The 50% off discount for students can also help make Squarespace more affordable.  

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