Sony AU is throwing in a free PS5 with select OLED TVs for Black Friday

Sony A80K PS5 Bundle Standalone Deal
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If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Sony’s next-gen PlayStation, you might now have your greatest chance! In this hot Black Friday deal, you can grab a PS5 bundle paired with one of Sony’s top TVs at a discount. The Sony A80K OLED TV in its 55- and 65-inch screen sizes comes with a PS5 that's paired with a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West, at a price that includes the PS5 bundle at a hefty discount – or totally free!

The 55-inch A80K, with a regular retail price of AU$2,795, is paired with the PS5 Horizon Bundle for a total price of AU$3,299. Given the console bundle alone can retail for as high as AU$1,138 due to stock issues, this deal sees you save as much as AU$630.

55-inch A80K OLED TV with PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West Console BundleFrom AU$3,679AU$3,299 at Sony Australia

55-inch A80K OLED TV with PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West Console Bundle | From AU$3,679 AU$3,299 at Sony Australia (save up to AU$630)

Sony's top mid-range OLED TV with a 55-inch screen is paired with a PS5 Bundle including console and digital download of top PlayStation exclusive Horizon: Forbidden West.

But it gets better.

Sony have also offered the same deal for the 65-inch A80K with PS5 Horizon Bundle but with a much greater discount in the mix. The A80K’s RRP generally sits around AU$3,795, but is on offer here with the PS5 bundle for only AU$3,699. That means you’ll save AU$96 on the 65-inch screen with the PS5 Horizon Bundle thrown in completely free.

65-inch A80K OLED TV with PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West Console BundleFrom AU$4,679AU$3,699 at Sony Australia

65-inch A80K OLED TV with PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West Console Bundle | From AU$4,679 AU$3,699 at Sony Australia (save up to AU$1,234)

Sony's A80K with 65-inch screen can also be had alongside the same PS5 Bundle including console and digital download of Horizon: Forbidden West, but at a discount seeing you save on the TV with the console bundle tossed in effectively for free. How's that for a Black Friday deal?

Having found its way into our list of Best TVs, Sony’s A80K is arguably the best mid-range OLED TV on the market. Sony’s XR OLED Contrast Pro, XR Triluminos Pro, and Cognitive Processor XR featured within provide the vibrant colours and deep blacks expected of OLED TVs, while Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ and dual subwoofers mounted to the TV’s bottom elevating sound to premium level heights.

The real highlight of this one, though, is how primed it is to pair with Sony’s PS5 or any next-gen console you might throw at it. Two HDMI 2.1 inputs feature in the A80K, with the TV supporting 4K 120Hz video, variable refresh rates (VRR) and auto low latency mode. Auto HDR Tone Mapping is also added to the mix exclusively for integration with the PS5. 

All of this makes the A80K the ideal pairing with the PlayStation 5, with every capability one might want to elevate playing experiences with the console – and that’s even before taking into consideration this Black Friday bargain having been thrown into the mix.

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