Samsung QLED TV deals: Check out these huge 4K TV deals for the Super Bowl


Super Bowl 52 is nearly here, and to maximize the viewing experience, a big-screen TV is a must. For anyone that missed out on an upgrade during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Samsung is offering a second chance at savings with massive TV deals, some of which even top November's deals.

Many of the higher-end TVs Samsung has on sale right now are over $1,000 off after up to 45% cut from the original price. Some of he best deals are on the Premium UHD and QLED models.

Both the 65- and 75-inch Q7F model TVs feature price cuts that beat Black Friday. The 65-inch model is $2,199 after $1,800 off, making it $300 cheaper than in November. The 75-inch is $3,299 after $2,700 off, putting it $200 below its November price tag. Both TVs have 4K UltraHD displays that include Samsung's QLED technology for an improved contrast ratio and picture quality.

Big screens for the big game

Samsung Q7F 65-inch 4K UltraHD TV
Now $2,199 ($1,800 off)
Snag this 65-inch TV for $1,800 off the original price. Sporting 4K and HDR10 tech inside, it's perfect for both the big game and every game that comes after it.

Samsung Q7F 75-inch 4K UltraHD TV
Now $3,299 ($2,700 off)
If you're looking for something a bit more ... robust (read: wall-sized), check out the 75-inch version of the Q7F - available now for $2,700 off the original price.

Samsung's MU series of TVs is slightly more affordable, and this deal goes to the next level. The 65-inch MU8500 is a curved 4K TV that would normally cost $2,399, but is just $1,399 now after $1,000 off. The large, 75-inch MU6300 also has a 4K display and a similar $1,000 discount bringing its price to $1,799.

Samsung MU8500 curved 65-inch 4K UltraHD TV
Now $1,399 ($1,000 off)
 If you've got a craving for curved TVs, the Samsung MU8500 is a fantastic option well-suited for any sports fan. It's just $1,399 before Super Bowl Sunday.

Samsung MU6300 75-inch 4K UltraHD TV
Now $1,799 ($1,000 off)
Who says all big screens need to be expensive? If you want a huge-screen at a less-than-huge price, Samsung's MU6300 is on sale for $1,799 this week.

So, as you get ready for your party, take a look at your TV and decide whether it's going to get the job done. While some would say there's no better time than Black Friday to get a new TV, it appears there is a better time, and it's right before the Super Bowl.