Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus drops to the lowest price we’ve seen - save up to $250

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus usually costs a pretty penny – usually hovering around $1,000 – but a sale at Amazon has dropped the smartphone to an all-time low of $799.99. Better still, whether you buy the 128GB or 256GB version, you can now save up to $250 off the full price. 

At this price, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is only $100 more than the base model Samsung Galaxy S22, and it costs even less than the Galaxy S22 with 256GB of storage. Why it is worth upgrading? Well, the Plus model gives you a much larger screen, closer to the big Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra than the standard S22, but keeps the same 50MP main camera and the smaller 10MP selfie camera.

In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, we said most people would ignore it because it cost too much compared to the smaller Galaxy S22. But now that the phones are closer in price, it makes much more sense if you want a larger screen. It’s a lovely screen, too, with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz that delivers a smoother and more responsive experience.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus deal

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus:$1049.99$799.99 at Amazon
Save up to $250 -

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: $1049.99 $799.99 at Amazon
Save up to $250 -
The Galaxy S22 Plus is now $800 at Amazon, whether you buy the 128GB model (usually $1000) or the 256GB model (usually $1050). This makes the phone $250 off the normal price, and ties for the lowest price we've seen for the Galaxy S22 Plus on Amazon. Get it for the larger and more responsive screen - all for the same price as the standard S22.

With the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 almost upon us, now's not the best time to buy one of Samsung's current foldable phones. However, we're barely half a year into the lifecycle of the Galaxy S22 family, so this is a phone that will remain fresh and competitive until well into next year. We wouldn’t expect any more serious price drops until closer to the launch of the next presumed flagship, likely the Samsung Galaxy S23

Of course, if you want to trade in, especially a device with a cracked screen, you can recoup some value from that device if you buy from Samsung directly instead of Amazon. For instance, even an older Galaxy S10 from 2019 with a cracked screen will give you more than a $250 discount on the Galaxy S22 Plus. Samsung also includes a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds 2 usually $150 in value.

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