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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is over $200 off in an early Black Friday deal

There's no two ways about it: The Galaxy Note 9 is an expensive phone, and that's because it has a lot to offer. But, if you use a GSM carrier in the US, like T-Mobile or AT&T, you can save a ton on the international version of the Galaxy Note 9 thanks to hefty discounts on Newegg and Amazon. These deals come well in advance of Black Friday, but with such sizable discounts, we wouldn't be surprised if they rank among the best Black Friday phone deals we see this year.

Considering the retail price of the Galaxy Note 9 is normally $999, these discounts are considerable, especially since Samsung doesn't have any discount to that price itself right now. And, with most other deals having strings attached or requiring trade-ins, this deals is a lot simpler.

Of course, a deal this good so early into the Note 9's life-cycle does come with some caveats. As we've noted, this is the international model, and that can come with some questions of carrier support. CMDA carriers like Sprint and Verizon may be able to offer limited support, but if you use these networks, don't go for this deal. 

The supports GSM and LTE bands may also vary from the US model. You should be safe with AT&T and T-Mobile, especially since this is an unlocked version, giving you the freedom to switch between carriers at will. As a perk, if you do a lot of international travel, you should get good mileage out of this model.

The warranty won't be the same as if you purchase a US model, but from both Amazon and Newegg, you can add protection plans to cover accidents. Thanks to the discounts, the price of the phones plus the protections plans still falls below the usual $999 sticker price of the Galaxy Note 9.