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Purple is one of America's most popular bed-in-a-box brands, but they're not especially cheap. If you want a piece of that incredible pressure relief, but are on a tighter budget, I have two pieces of great news for you. First, Purple has come out with a new, pared-back model with a much more wallet-friendly price. Second, it's already got a discount for Black Friday:  $100 off the all-new NewDay mattress (now called the PurpleFlex). 

We rate Purple amongst the best mattress brands around, thanks to a unique gel grid that molds around your joints to provide soothing support without trapping heat, as memory foam can do. The USP here is the price – there's no twin size, but the full is $995 at MSRP, which is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the original. (If it doesn't sound like it's for you, head to our Black Friday mattress deals roundup for the top offers in the US and the UK, check out our general Black Friday deals guide for savings on all kinds of things, or see our guide to the latest Purple promo codes.)

Purple NewDay mattress: $995$895 at Purple

Purple NewDay mattress: was $995 now from $895 at Purple
The NewDay is Purple's new, more budget-friendly mattress option. The pared-back design includes the GelFlex grid this brand is known for, which adapts instantly to your shape to cushion and cradle your joints and keep you properly aligned. That sits on top of a sturdy foam base, with a stretchy, knitted cover on top. With this offer, prices start from $895 for a full (there's no twin or twin XL), which is the cheapest way to get your hands on a Purple bed. 

Being new to the lineup, we don't have much to go on in terms of price history or reviews for the NewDay, but what we do know is that this is the cheapest way to get that unique Purple feel, and that we rate this brand highly on quality and comfort. The two-layer NewDay design is the firmest of the non-hybrid options, so it might be good for stomach or back sleepers who stuffer from sore joints but need a little more spinal support. The two-layer design is only 8" tall, which is fine (and great for a spare room, for instance), but if you're wanting something more luxurious, check out one of the others in the range. 

In fact, there are savings across the full lineup right now, which is fairly unusual – the Purple mattress sales often only focus on one model at a time, or sometimes none at all. As well as the discount on the NewDay, there are price drops on the Original and Plus models (the latter being one of our favorite beds), as well as the more luxurious hybrids.

We'd recommend these beds to anyone who suffers from joint pain, because the grid layer will mold around your shape to relieve hotspots. They're also a good choice for couples, thanks to strong motion isolation meaning you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements. You can get an idea of what to expect in our article on Should I buy the Purple Plus mattress?

Here's a quick look at the other discounts you can grab at Purple for Black Friday...

Purple mattress:$799 $699 at Purple

Purple mattress: was $799 now from $699 at Purple
The Original Purple mattress has a 2-inch grid and offers a medium-firm, stable sleep surface that's more cushioned than the Purple Plus. Our Purple mattress review will give you the full low-down. It's not as advanced as the pricier models in the range, but still offers excellent pressure relief. It's more cushioned and thicker than the cheaper NewDay. With the current deal, there's $100 off all sizes, with a queen coming in at $1,299.

Purple Plus mattress: $1,499$1,299 at Purple

Purple Plus mattress: was $1,499 now from $1,299 at Purple
The Purple Plus has a medium sleep feel, and adds an extra foam layer to make it more cushioned than the Original, and amp up the pressure relief. This one has a medium sleep feel. Elsewhere, you've still got the same 2" Purple Grid. The current offer takes $200 off all sizes, with a queen coming in at $1,699.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4: $3,199$2,899 at Purple

Purple Hybrid Premier 4: was $3,199 now from $2,899 at Purple
The Premier 4 is the softest hybrid option and the most luxurious bed in the range. The thick, 4-inch grid will unbeaten pressure relief and cushioning, as well as improved airflow. It has the biggest discount, with $300 off all sizes. A queen is $3,499.

Purple Hybrid Mattress: $1,899$1,699 at Purple

Purple Hybrid Mattress: was $1,899 now from $1,699 at Purple
The Hybrids combine the iconic Purple Grid with a coil layer to make these mattresses easier to move about on. The original Hybrid is the cheapest and firmest option, so a good choice if you need more support (the Hybrid 3 or 4 will deliver more pressure relief). There's $200 off this line, and a queen has dropped in price to $2,199.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3: $2,499 now from $2,199 at Purple

Purple Hybrid Premier 3: was $2,499 now from $2,199 at Purple
The Premier 3 has a a 3-inch GelFlex Grid and sits in the middle of Purple's hybrid range, with a medium-soft feel with a balance of support, pressure relief and cooling. In the Black Friday Purple sale, you'll score $300 off, with the queen dropping to $2,699.

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