Don't buy a Black Friday TV when the Samsung Freestyle projector is 25% off

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We know how exciting Black Friday TV deals can be. We’ve been asked by parents about LG C2 OLED TV deals. Teenagers have asked if an $80 TV could possibly be worth buying. We have plenty of advice, but here’s an unexpected tip. Have some fun! Amazon has the Samsung Freestyle projector for $597.99, even the bundle with the included carrying case. A projector can be much more fun than a boring old TV set. 

Buying a projector, like the Samsung Freestyle or the Anker Nebula Mars II, is a way of saying “I don’t let my TV define my space, I find my own wall instead.” Sometimes that wall is outside, on the side of a building or on a sheet hanging above the pool. Sometimes it’s a ceiling and we’re lying on bean bags on the floor watching the movie above us like stars in the sky. 

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When the Samsung Freestyle projector came out, it was too expensive at a $899 / £999 / AU$1,299 starting price. The new price, under $600 in the US, makes it pricier than the more portable Anker Nebula, but it has features to recommend it.

For one thing, the Anker relies on a very old and outdated version of Android. It may not be able to run all of the streaming apps you’d like. The Samsung Freestyle is based on Samsung TVs, so it runs all of the streaming apps you’ll find on a 2022 Samsung TV. You can bet that’s every streaming service you currently use.

The Samsung Freestyle projector throws a Full HD projection on your wall, 1920 x 1080 pixels, not just a 720p picture. We found the color and clarity to be excellent in our review, above the picture quality we found in lower-cost portable projectors. It wouldn’t replace an expensive ceiling-mounted projector, but instead it can fit in a carrying case the size of a large can.

Black Friday Samsung Freestyle projector deal

Samsung The Freestyle projector:  $897.99 now $597.99 at Amazon

Samsung The Freestyle projector: was $897.99 now $597.99 at Amazon
Samsung's portable projector is one of the most innovative we've seen, and it's now selling for its lowest-ever price direct from Samsung. Portables are great for outdoor movie nights, but can also be set up anywhere you want to get a big 100-inch image. The Freestyle leads our list of the best portable projectors, so this is a deal we can enthusiastically recommend.

Why is a projector better than a TV set?

How does the projector stack up against a Samsung TV set? The best TV you can get for around the same price is a 50-inch Samsung QN9DA television with Neo-QLED. Or you can pick up a cheap 65-inch Samsung TV without advanced tech like quantum dots (QLED) or mini-LED backlighting (Neo). Those TVs are fine, but they lack two key advantages of the Samsung Freestyle projector. 

A projector gives you big flexibility, and the Freestyle gives you a big projection.

The first is that the Freestyle can project up to 100-inches. That’s not just a big TV, that’s a small theater. To compare, a 65-inch television gives you 1,800 square inches of screen area. A 100-inch projection gives you more than 4,200 square inches. It’s more than twice the screen area.

The second advantage is that you can take the Samsung Freestyle with you anywhere, and having up to 100-inches to project makes that advantage even better. You can take it to an auditorium and show videos. You can take it on vacation and watch movies on the beach. You can simply move it from your living room to your basement. A projector gives you big flexibility, and the Freestyle gives you a big projection.

Would the Samsung Freestyle be our only television set? Definitely not, but when we’re shopping for a Black Friday deal, we’re probably not buying our only TV, we’re buying a second (or third, or fourth…) set cheap. The Black Friday Samsung Freestyle deal finally makes it an affordable, flexible, and fun alternative to plain, predictable television.

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