$400 off our top-rated mattress is the best Black Friday deal we've seen

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It's Black Friday, and there are mattress offers everywhere you look. We've spent many nights testing out beds, and many days monitoring prices, and we've found the best mattress deal of the day: $400 off the Saatva Classic.

Saatva is one of the most sought-after luxury mattress makers in America, and this is an exclusive discount that'll save you significantly more than if you shop the regular offer. The minimum spend is $1,000, so it'll kick in on all sizes above the twin, and knock the price of queen size Saatva Classic down to $1,395 (was $1,795). 

The Classic is the brand’s flagship hybrid innerspring model, and we've rated it the overall best mattress around. It delivers all-out comfort, excellent support around the back and lumbar and is impressively customizable to suit different tastes (you can choose from three firmness options and two heights). You'll get a full year to try it out and make sure you love it, too. Learn more about it in out Saatva Classic mattress review.

We'd recommend this mattress to almost all kinds of sleepers – especially because you can pick from different firmness options – but of course, it won't be perfect for everyone. For a run-down of the top offers on the rest of our favorite mattresses, head to our official Black Friday mattress deals roundup.

This offer is valid across Saatva's full range – if you like the soothing hug of memory foam, you should check out the Loom & Leaf, a premium memory foam mattress that's an ideal choice for anyone suffering from back pain; see our Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress review to learn more about it. 

Saatva Classic mattress: from $935 at Saatva

Saatva Classic mattress: from $935 at Saatva
Our top pick
- The Classic tops our best mattress guide. It comes in three firmness levels and two heights, so there should be something for every preference. It also feels just as comfortable as a luxurious hotel bed, but at a surprisingly reasonable price. Our $400 off deal kicks in on the twin XL and up, and the queen is reduced to $1,395, which is the lowest price we've seen in 6 months, and the lowest price we'd expect to see on this model over Black Friday.

Loom & Leaf mattress: was

Loom & Leaf mattress: was $1,095, now from $695 at Saatva
Premium memory foam
 - The Loom & Leaf is Saatva's luxurious, foam-only bed. There are no springs here, just soothing foams, designed to contour to your body to relieve pressure points. Saatva has added gel into the foam to help regulate temperature. Our discount gets you $400 off any size, which means a queen is now $1,795.

This exclusive offer is running parallel to the general Saatva Black Friday deal, but you'll save more on every model by using our exclusive link (for instance, the general deal gets you up to $250 off the Classic, rather than $400 off). The one exception is the Twin sized Classic, which doesn't make the minimum spend for our discount, but is $225 off in the general sale. You might also find a discount among the latest Saatva coupons.

Wondering which sleep feel to opt for? The softest option is the Plush Soft, which we'd recommend for side sleepers who need more pressure relief around their shoulders and hips, as well as lightweight bodies, and anyone who likes a contouring hug of a mattress. The Luxury Firm is the most popular choice, designed to closely match the sleep feel of luxury hotel beds. It'll suit most sleeping styles and body types. 

We reviewed the Firm version, which is a great choice for anyone who needs a little more support. It’s not at all like sleeping on a board, don't worry – the plush pillow top provides some sink-in and makes for a very comfortable night's sleep. 

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