Best Samsung soundbar deal on Prime Day saves you a massive 32%

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If there's one thing you can always find during Amazon Prime Day, it's soundbar deals - and this year is not proving to be any different.

That said, one of the best deals we've seen so far is on this Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar that fits nicely in the middle of the pack in terms of price and performance - it's on sale for $339 or around 32% off its regular price of $499 in the US, and on sale in the UK for £329, around 15% off its regular price of £389.  

What makes this a mid-range soundbar and well worth your consideration is Samsung's inclusion of its Acoustic Beam technology that uses hard surfaces around the soundbar to create the sensation of surround sound without extra speakers. That's a huge help if you live in a small apartment and can't have speakers all over the place or a perfect fit for a dorm.

US: Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar $499 $339 on Amazon
Save 32% on this Samsung soundbar deal going on now on Amazon. Offering a 5.1 sound with Samsung

US: Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar $499 $339 on Amazon
Save 32% on this Samsung soundbar deal going on now on Amazon. Offering a 5.1 sound with Samsung Acoustic Beam technology, it's a soundbar that can handle almost anything your home entertainment center can throw at it.

UK: Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar £389 £329 on Amazon

UK: Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar £389 £329 on Amazon
It's not as good of a deal as the US Amazon Store, but Amazon UK has the Samsung HW-N650 at a cool 15% off (£60) today for Amazon Prime Day. Everything we said above applies here but the UK version adds silent u's to words like color and rumor. 

The Samsung HW-N650 comes with a soundbar too, so you can expect booming bass right out of the box and can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

In our Samsung HW-N650 review we said we liked the beam-forming technology (of course) and the soundbar's musicality calling it "a superb all-rounder, and worthy of recommendation if you’re looking for a new soundbar".

If you're looking to keep music - and the world around you - to a dull roar, there's also a great deal going on for these Sony noise-cancelling headphones: Sony's best noise-cancelling headphones just got a big Amazon Prime Day price cut.

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