Big Audible books deal saves you $50 on Premium Plus before Prime Day 2020

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Audible books are a lot cheaper today thanks to an early Prime Day deal, and that's a big deal because the Amazon-owned service has more than 200,000 titles on sale.

The audiobooks store is offering $50 off of its Premium Plus annual plan, which charges in advance for the full year but also gives you all 12 audiobook credits upfront. The standard membership only gives you one credit per month, forcing you to pay extra for audiobooks once you've used up your one allotment.

With Premium Plus Annual, you can choose multiple books at once rather than wait around. The standard $149.99/year fee puts off many buyers, but right now you can get Premium Plus Annual for only $99.99, saving you $50 overall. 

It's a great deal that translates to only spending $8.33 per audiobook, while a month-to-month membership will normally cost you $14.95/month, and spending out of pocket for most audiobooks will cost you anywhere from $20 to $50.

Your Audible membership comes with two free Audible Originals per month, plus access to thousands of free Audible Plus audiobooks that you can listen to so long as you're a member. Should you decide not to renew your membership next year, you'll lose the Plus catalog but keep any audiobooks you purchased or received for free.

We recommend snatching this early Prime Day deal while you can, and then start using your credits on some of the best Audible audiobooks of 2020.

Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership:$149.99Save 33%

Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership: $149.99 $99.99 for the first year
Save 33% on the first year of your Audible membership, and get access to twelve free credits for any audiobook as soon as you click "Buy", plus 30% off other titles and daily deals. Then, check out the free Audible Plus catalog, which includes thousands of free books, podcasts, and guided audio tracks for meditation, sleep or fitness. You can also check out the 30-day free trial.

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