Amazon Kindle for Kids hits a record-low price for distraction-free reading

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition Prime Deal
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Amazon Kindle e-readers are the often unsung gems of the digital world and the Kids edition offers children something few other screen gadgets can: reading and learning without distraction. It's hard to put a price on that but Amazon has and now, as part of an early Amazon Prime Day deal, the E Ink-based Amazon Kindle for Kids is just $49.99. That's 55% off the original $109.99 price.

This all-time-low deal is part of Amazon's early Prime Day deals lineup. The full event kicks off on July 12 and 13.

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Amazon Kindle for Kids | was $109.99 | now $49.99 at Amazon This is a great way to get your child into digital reading without introducing the distractions of a tablet or smartphone screen. It's as easy to read indoors (with its own built-in backlight) as it is in direct sunlight. Plus, it'll run for weeks on a single charge.

While the Amazon Kindle for Kids lacks some of the flashier features of Amazon's newer Kindles, like a waterproof body or that 300 ppi resolution (it's just 167 ppi), the E Ink reader might be the perfect beach, backyard, or bedroom companion for your new reader. It can hold dozens of books, display illustrations (in black and white), and doesn't need a daily charge (four weeks between charges is not uncommon). 

It's also thin, lightweight, relatively sturdy, and ad-free. Plus, it comes with a 2-year, no-questions-asked warranty. If your child stomps on it, send it back to Amazon for a new one.

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