The Asus Zenbook Duo 2024 is the world's first dual-screen OLED laptop

ASUS Zenbook Duo 2024
(Image credit: Asus)

Asus is refreshing its Zenbook Duo series with a new 2024 model, unveiled at CES 2024, which the company boasts is the “world’s first 14-inch dual-screen OLED laptop”.

Technically, that's incorrect. Previous models in the line, like the Zenbook Pro 14 Duo, included a second OLED display, although that second screen was significantly smaller. It’s more accurate to say this is the first laptop with two equally sized Asus Lumina OLED displays. Each half, according to the announcement, consists of a 14-inch, 3K resolution (2,880 x 1,800 pixels) touchscreen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. They support multiple digital color standards like Dolby Vision for vibrant imagery, as well as DisplayHDR True Black 500 for deep blacks on screen.

The laptop comes with a full-size Asus ErgoSense keyboard that can be removed and used wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. Plus, the two screens are attached via a 180-degree hinge allowing you to lay them down flat – effectively turning the laptop into a tablet.

For your eyes only

The Zenbook Duo 2024 comes with numerous software features, but chief among them are the viewing modes. The four available give users alternate ways to control the content on their screen.

Dual Screen mode lets you combine the two displays into one expansive view measuring 19.8 inches diagonally. Users will need to activate ViewMax to meld the two together. Of course, you can deactivate it at any time to split them into separate windows. Desktop mode shifts the page orientation from landscape to portrait, which the company states is perfect for programmers, writers, or financial analysts looking at data sheets.

Laptop mode, as the name suggests, is your “traditional laptop-style experience,” placing the images on top of one another. Asus recommends reattaching the keyboard back into the Zenbook Duo to get the most out of this orientation. Then there’s Sharing mode, which helps you present content on the laptop more easily. It’s similar to Dual Screen, but the main difference is that images on the upper half can be moved 180 degrees if the need arises. 

Zenbook Duo 2024 laid flat

(Image credit: Asus)

Hardware specs

Under the hood, the Zenbook Duo 2024 is powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor paired with a Neural Processing Unit, or NPU for short. This tech utilizes AI acceleration to further boost hardware performance. It’s interesting, yet not totally surprising, that the model has an NPU inside. We've seen a lot of other laptops at CES 2024, like the Dell XPS 16, that house a similar unit. It makes sense that Asus is also hopping on this train.

It’s a lightweight machine, clocking in at 1.35kg (a little under 3lbs), and measures 14.6mm when closed – that’s about half an inch. Other notable features include ScreenXpert enabling multi-touch gestures, Harman Kardon-certified speakers for immersive audio, and a storage amount of up to 2TB.

It’s unknown when the Zenbook Duo 2024 will launch or how much it will cost. We did reach out to Asus for more details. This story will be updated at a later time.

Until then, check out TechRadar's list of the best Asus laptops for 2024.

Update 1-16-2024: A company representative got to us stating the price point for the Zenbook Duo will start at $1,499.99 and will launch sometime during mid-Q1 2024. That's roughly mid to late February.

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