Samsung may have leaked Copilot features for its Galaxy Book4 devices

an image of the Samsung Galaxy Book 4
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Samsung’s latest AI-friendly Galaxy Book4 lineup has already launched alongside an official site detailing the devices’ features. But one particular screenshot seems to have prematurely revealed some Windows Copilot features in particular.

We can reasonably assume that there will be connectivity between Microsoft's AI assistant and Galaxy phones, with the promotional image showcasing Copilot’s capabilities in this regard including using apps, summarizing texts, and sending messages directly from your computer. 

copilot features screenshot

(Image credit: Samsung)

There are several word prompts in the screenshot that reveal what you can do like ask for reminders about recent messages, copy links from messages, reply to previous messages, grab email addresses, find contacts, or draft emails for quotes. And, according to the official site, these features will be coming to Galaxy Book4 series devices in Spring 2024.

This leak matches with the Samsung Galaxy Book4, as the lineup comes equipped with a dedicated Copilot key which Microsoft has been pushing for all upcoming Windows devices to have. But we’ll be certain to learn more about Copilot with Galaxy Book4 (and likely other laptops) during the Microsoft March 21 event.

Can Microsoft make Copilot work? 

Microsoft is still devoted to implementing AI in its Windows laptops and desktop PCs on a grand scale by using Copilot as the catalyst. While some of these features are useful, AI is a bandage being laid on the massive fissure that makes up Windows 11 issues.

Though it’s approaching a solid OS thanks to constant updates, there’s no real incentive for Windows 10 users to make the upgrade. This means the overwhelming amount of users are still on an OS that won’t have the full Copilot suite. Currently, the user base for Windows 10 is at 67.23% while Windows 11 only has 28.18%, which is a serious problem as Microsoft needs a far higher user base on Win11 to successfully pull off its AI plans.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Copilot strategy will pan out for Microsoft or if the AI assistant will go the way of the original Clippy - which would admittedly be pretty entertaining if it did. 

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