Google's new answer to Apple One lets you subscribe to Drive, Fitbit and Nest – with one condition

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Google One already offers back ups to the cloud (Image credit: Google)

Subscribers to Google One cloud storage plans now have some extra perks to make use of, after Nest Aware (for Nest camera video recording) and Fitbit Premium (for doing more with your Fitbit) were bundled into the packages.

There's only one condition: you have to be in the UK, at least for now. As reported on Reddit (via 9to5Google), Google One subscribers have started getting emails from Google, notifying them of the changes to their accounts.

Google has gone about this in a rather odd way. Throwing in Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium clearly adds a lot more value to Google One, and we know that it's definitely happened, as per a Google statement to 9to5Google.

At the same time, making it UK-only seems a strange choice: Google hasn't mentioned the US or anywhere else at all. There's no official announcement about the news anywhere, and at the moment it's not mentioned on the Google One pricing page in the UK – though it seems this is available on 2TB and higher storage plans.

Still rolling out?

Google One pricing

The new features aren't mentioned on the Google One pricing page yet (Image credit: Future)

Even in the UK, it seems to be a gradual or limited roll out. Several members of the TechRadar team with Google One subscriptions are yet to receive an email with news of the extra Nest and Fitbit goodies included with their plan.

Nest Aware starts at £8 a month in the UK, adding 30 days of event history for Nest cameras, plus smart alerts. There's also a Nest Aware Plus package (£12 a month) that adds 24/7 video history and 60 days of video event history. The plans cost $8/$15 per month in the US and AU$12/AU$24 per month in Australia.

As for Fitbit Premium, it gives you a deeper dive into some of your health and fitness stats – you get more advanced sleep analysis, for example, plus a daily readiness score. An extensive library of workout videos and audio tracks are included too. On its own, Fitbit Premium costs $9.99 / £7.99 / AU$15.49 a month.

All of this adds plenty of value to Google One plans, on top of the cloud storage and other benefits (like a VPN) you already get, making it a stronger competitor to Apple One. Google also recently introduced a Google One AI Premium plan, which throws in access to the Gemini Advanced AI model.

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