I've reviewed dozens of laptops, and this is the best Black Friday Chromebook deal I've seen so far

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We're already seeing a ton of great Black Friday deals on all sorts of tech, especially since big retailers like Amazon and Best Buy have now officially kicked off their own Black Friday sales.

That means I've been hunting for the best Black Friday laptop deals out there, and I think I've found my favorite one so far: the Asus Chromebook C424, currently on sale at Amazon for just $179.99.

I noted this Chromebook on sale earlier this year for Amazon Prime Day, but at that time it cost $214.49 - so this is a significantly better discount. Despite that low price, the C424 doesn't feel like a super-budget laptop; we've got a full HD 1080p NanoEdge display, a good selection of ports, and a clean, lightweight design that weighs in at just 3.33 lbs.

Is this the best-value Chromebook deal Black Friday has given us so far?

Asus Chromebook C424: $249.99now $179.99 at Amazon

Asus Chromebook C424: was $249.99 now $179.99 at Amazon
A ridiculously cheap Chromebook deal courtesy of Asus, the C424 is an absolute steal at $179.99. There might be cheaper ChromeOS laptops out there, but you'll struggle to find any with this level of build quality and features: from the 1080p display to the USB-C ports and 10-hour battery life, this is a surprisingly capable Chromebook for the asking price.

If I had to recommend one single Chromebook deal this Black Friday, I think it would be this one. It's almost a third off the retail price, and thanks to the low system requirements of ChromeOS, it'll still run smoothly on its Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM.

In fact, many of the best Chromebooks offer relatively lightweight specs compared to Windows laptops, something that helps keep their prices down. I'd balk at these internals on a Windows or macOS device, but for ChromeOS, they're perfectly acceptable. The handy security and parental control features of the operating system also make this laptop a great pick for younger users getting their first laptop.

Sure, it isn't powerful enough to play all the latest games - although you can always stream games via a service like GeForce Now - but for stuff like doing homework, watching YouTube, or video chatting with friends and family, it's got everything you need.

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