This earbuds bundle brings Auracast multi-listener broadcasts to your old and new audio kit

Nexum AERO earbuds with Auracast
(Image credit: Nexum)

You may already know that Auracast could change the way we use our headphones, and a new earbuds bundle is ready to show us how. The new AERO and VOCE bundle can share the same audio with multiple listeners, and it could be used in classrooms, in exhibitions and in other public spaces too.

New to Auracast? That's OK, we've got an Auracast explainer to let you know what the Bluetooth broadcasting technology is all about, but the short version is that it enables Bluetooth headphones to connect to the same audio signal simultaneously – so instead of having one set of earbuds or headphones per transmission, Auracast can stream audio to tens or even hundreds of headphones. 

Not only that, but Aurcast can do it publicly – for example in any kind of public space where you want to make announcements or provide a soundtrack to everybody who wants it – or privately for more select groupings. Think virtual tour guides in museums, silent discos, airport announcements or assistive audio for people with hearing loss. Or you could just share the same podcast with a pal on the bus, or share music with your partner at home.

Auracast is based around Bluetooth 5.2, and with that becoming more common it's clear that Auracast's time is coming. And that's where Nexum's AERO and VOCE products come in. The former is an Auracast headset; the latter is an Auracast transmitter. Together they can do some very interesting things. 

AERO and VOCE Auracast: what features do they deliver?

The AERO earbuds are designed to connect to standard Bluetooth sources and Auracast ones too, and the creators – who are currently funding the devices on Kickstarter – have come up with multiple use cases. For example, AERO buds could save passers-by from having to hear tour guides' spiels, as they could be broadcast silently to the tour participants' earbuds; teachers could broadcast audio to students' laptops, enabling them to create transcripts in real time; and you could have a riotous party without the neighbors hearing a single kick drum.

Of course, in order to do those things you need to be transmitting Auracast. And that's where the VOCE comes in. It's a small Auracast transmitter that you can connect to pretty much any audio player via its 3.5mm connector, and it also supports external microphones. It takes your audio and then broadcasts it to compatible headsets.

It's all very impressive, and it's also cheaper than you might expect. Leaving aside the usual early bird discounts, you're looking at a recommended selling price of $79 for the AERO headset and $227 for a VOCE with two AEROs. Other bundles are also available. Pledges are being taken now with expected shipping in August 2024.

These won't be the only Auracast earbuds you'll see this year: we're expecting the next generation of Pixel Buds to be Auracast compatible, and more manufacturers are likely to get on board this year too.

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