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Sygic Mobile Maps UK and Ireland review

It's cheaper than TomTom's, but is it good?

Sygic Mobile Maps UK and Ireland
Some of the labels can be a little small, but the interface is generally easy to follow

Our Verdict

Good, and good value, but lacking polish


  • Good features
  • Accurate
  • Nice overall interface style


  • Some size niggles
  • Needs better integration with Apple's apps

Sygic's Mobile Maps UK & Ireland sat nav app for the iPhone has a very distinctive look – almost cartoon-like, almost like you're looking at someone's mock-up of what a sat-nav system could look like.

We've decided that generally we like it, but we don't like how small some of the interface elements are; they can be tricky to read when driving.

There are plenty of features – unlike Navigon's Navigator Europe app, it can do a full postcode search – and we like how the view zooms in and out as your speed changes as you need to see less or more detail.

It doesn't, though, duck playing music to let spoken instructions be clearly heard, and you're dependent on finding a good, powered cradle for your car.

It can't read your address book – though an update is imminent – and the price we've quoted is a sale price which may not be available after the summer.

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