Our Verdict

If you’re a sports fan but have resisted getting the Foxtel experience due to its premium price tag, then Kayo is a surprisingly compelling alternative. You get almost everything sports-related on Foxtel for less than half the cost – and it’s presented on a streaming service that comes with a knockout set of features, including ones currently not available on any other platform.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Most feature-packed streaming service
  • Relatively affordable


  • No additional content over Fox Sports
  • Streaming quality often drops

UPDATE: Kayo Sports is now available to stream in smart TVs and devices running on Android TV OS. We've added the details to the Compatibility section on the next page.

Free-to-air TV in Australia has a rather limited repertoire when it comes to broadcasting sporting events. For many years, the only way diehard Aussie sports fans have been able to satisfy their adrenalin-pumping cravings has been to sign up for a Foxtel pay-TV subscription.

However, with streaming services like Netflix and Stan gaining in popularity, Foxtel has had to join the streaming fray to compete, and has subsequently added both Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now to its repertoire. However, to enjoy domestic and international sports on any Foxtel service (streaming or otherwise), you’ve always needed to pay a fairly hefty monthly fee.

A sports package on Foxtel IQ or the Foxtel Now streaming platform will set you back at least $54 a month – although you do get more than just sports for that money. However, for someone who just wants to keep track of every try, every goal, every wicket or every set won, both those are expensive options. That’s potentially where Kayo Sports is an appealing alternative.

While it’s another streaming service offered by Foxtel, it’s less than half the cost of the sports packages under the Foxtel brand, and caters specifically to diehard sports buffs. There’s over 50 sports to choose from, showing live and on-demand, alongside documentaries and sports-related shows.


Pricing is one of Kayo Sports’ most redeeming qualities. As mentioned, it’s a lot more affordable than a Foxtel sports package and includes a 14-day free trial, after which the basic tier costs $25 a month, with no lock-in contract. The basic package gives you the ability to watch two simultaneous streams on two different screens. 

If that won’t cut it for you, the next tier is priced at $35 and lets you watch three simultaneous streams across three devices. By comparison, to watch the exact same content on Foxtel, you’d be shelling out $54 instead.

Another good thing about Kayo is that there’s no limit on the number of devices you can register to your account. And, unlike Netflix, the plan you choose has no impact on the streaming picture quality. Kayo streams in 1080p by default, and will automatically scale down if your home broadband or mobile data connection can’t take the load.

That’s excellent bang for your buck, especially if you’ve got a sports-loving family or want to split the subscription with a friend. 

The one real caveat is to that value equation is that you’ve really got to be someone who enjoys a variety of different sports. If you’re a keen on cricket and don’t particularly care about football or tennis or footy, for example, then Kayo may not be right for you. After all, there’s nothing else available on Kayo but sports.

Kayo Sports Basic Package | $25 + 14-day free trial

Stream across two devices simultaneously with no lock-in contract. If you want all the sports you can watch, then sign up now by clicking on the green button.View Deal

Kayo Sports Premium Package | $35 + 14-day free trial

Stream all the sports you want across three devices with no lock-in contract. It's the same content as the basic package, with the same image quality. Sign up now.View Deal

Telstra recently made it easier to pay for Kayo Sports. The telco's customers who have subscribed to the streaming service can now add their sports bill to their Telstra one, keeping payments in one place. Customers who choose to do this still get all the features Kayo promises, along with the 14-day free trial, and is open to both new and existing Telstra customers.