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Samsung LE32C580 review

Freeview HD and four HDMI inputs for a paltry £400

Samsung LE32C580
This LCD TV has a surprising amount of features for the price


  • Punchy, bright picture
  • Four HDMIs and Freeview HD
  • Plentiful features for the price


  • Average black levels
  • Occasionally iffy movement
  • Harsh audio

With all the bluster surrounding LED and more recently 3D sets, it's easy to forget about conventional, workday boxes for watching telly on.

Samsung's LE32C580 might be a conventionally backlit CCFL 32-inch LCD, but it has a couple of hi-def surprises under its unassuming hood.

In keeping with one of the many aesthetic trends currently vying for your attention, the apparently black frame is tinged with a deep red and has a clear border extending a few millimetres above and to the sides of the main panel.

It sits on a solid looking stand, although the swivel on the sample we saw was so loose that gravity tugging on an HDMI cable was all it took to tug the display slightly off-axis.

The low price and relative heft of the chassis tells you immediately that a cold-cathode fluorescent (CCFl) backlight lurks therein. The general effect is pleasant, if hardly arresting, though that's no bad thing in something destined for the corner of a front room.

As regards this set's place in Samsung's oeuvre, it sits on a kind of third tier behind the firm's 3D-capable top-end tellies and the ultra-thin LED models. Within its own sphere of more-or-less conventional, mass-market LCDs, it rubs shoulders with the slightly less exciting LE32B552, which foregoes the Hyper Real processing that drives the 580, on one side, and the elegant, web-enabled LE32C650 on the other.