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Sony fits OLED screens to pro HD cameras

The Sony HDVF-EL100 with OLED viewfinder - not the sort of camera you'd want to take on your hols

Sony has unveiled its first professional camera viewfinder to be based upon Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

The 11-inch screen is attached to Sony’s HDVF-EL100 professional TV studio HD camera and is the first non-commercial application of an OLED panel by the corporation.

Colour levels

"High-definition acquisition requires extremely precise focusing, allowing the operator to accurately see contrast and colour levels when framing a shot," said Rob Willox, director of Sony Electronics’ content creation group.

"This new viewfinder is a perfect example of our unique ability to leverage the innovation and expertise from one part of our company and apply it in another area to meet customers’ needs," he added.

The screen’s pixel resolution is measured at 960 x 540 and delivers a wide viewing angle, as well as deep blacks and a high contrast ratio.