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The first touchscreen smartwatch with analog watch hands will be on sale soon

Blending smartwatch with good ol’ analog watch stylings has never been easy for manufacturers, but MyKronoz might be the first to nail it. 

ZeTime and ZeTime Petite, its new lineup of smartwatches, feature the very best tech that you come to expect from a smartwatch, plus moving watch hands – a first for a smartwatch.

You’re probably thinking this isn’t that big of a deal, but the way this timeless timepiece feature has been implemented actually is a leap ahead of what other companies have devised. 

Better battery life

Aside from the massive benefits to battery life, the watch intelligently shifts them around to make your alerts and messages readable, acting as a divider for the screen until you’re ready to check the time again.

Sound cool? You won’t have to wait long to strap in, as MyKronoz announced that both sizes of its new ZeTime watch will release in early 2018 across various retail channels in over 60 countries. 

As this isn’t the most specific statement in terms of exactly where you can snag the watch, we’ll be checking it out in-depth at CES 2018 and getting to the bottom of its availability across the globe then.