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Sony: Studios should not rush into 3D conversions

Sony - a big focus on 3D
Sony - a big focus on 3D

The vice-president of Sony's 3D Technology Center has insisted that film studios should not rush into converting their back catalogues to 3D.

Sony's Buzz Hays insists that the most important thing for any film is that it is intended to be in 3D, and that care should be taken in applying the new technology to old films.

"The key factor for any delivery mechanism is that the story is intended for 3D," Hays told What Satellite.

"It's great to see the excitement about 3D. I really do believe that we are on the cusp of a major transition in the entertainment business."

Avatar: made with 3d in mind

Avatar: Made with 3D in mind

"That said, no one benefits from the rush to do anything, particularly not to convert content without the time, care and budget required to do it well," he added.

Hays believes that people are moving beyond the need to use gimmicks to take advantage of the 3D technology.

"The fact is that 3D offers film and TV makers a new level of subtlety in their craft that enrich even otherwise sedate genres," he added.