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Sony: 3D TV not mainstream until 2012

3D TV not mainstream until 2012, claims Sony boss
3D TV not mainstream until 2012, claims Sony boss

While it is clear that 3D TV is going to be one of the big consumer tech stories coming out of CES in Vegas this week, Sony is already appearing to make moves to counter the 3D-in-the-home hype by suggesting that the tech will not go fully mainstream until 2012 at the earliest.

Sony Electronics' chief marketing officer Mike Fasulo has voiced his opinion, prior to the CES tech news onslaught this week, that 3D TV will not 'explode' into the mainstream for a good couple of years yet.

Speaking to BusinessWeek, Fasulo said, "We don't expect to see an explosion of 3D in the home until the 2012 time frame."

3D TV swizz?

Sony will showcase "3D-friendly TVs and DVD players" at the Consumer Electronics Show, due to begin this coming Weds, January 7 in Las Vegas.

TechRadar recently investigated the 3D TV tech hype, asking whether or not 3D TV was little more than a great big swizz.