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Sky: 'Too early to say if we'll offer YouView service'

Sky Player subs on IPTV boxes?
Sky Player subs on IPTV boxes?

Despite being listed by YouView as one of the companies in talks to provide content, Sky has told TechRadar that it has not committed to running on the service.

YouView is the IPTV collaboration between some of UK broadcasting and communication's biggest names including Channel 4, Five, ITV, Arqiva, BT and Talk Talk – as well as, controversially, the BBC.

After making its opposition to the BBC's involvement clear, Sky was listed as 'a content provider working with YouView'.

No commitment

However, a Sky spokesperson told TechRadar that talks with YouView in no way indicated a commitment from the satellite giant to run its content on the platform.

"We already distribute Sky content across a wide range of platforms," he said.

"It makes sense for us to continue to explore new ways of reaching customers, but it's too early to say at this stage whether we'll offer a service over YouView."

Although the original statement from the collaboration names BSkyB as a 'content provider working with YouView', it's clear that this does not necessarily constitute a list of people who will actually supply content.

Which is perhaps not the message that YouView wants to give out ahead of an already delayed launch window of early 2012.