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Apple TV slips behind Amazon, Roku and Google in set-top sales

Apple TV vs

After two years of owning the market with aging hardware, the Apple TV has finally fallen behind Google, Amazon and Roku as the fourth highest-selling set-top box according to research group Parks Associates.

According to the study the group recently conducted, the Apple TV has fallen far behind the market leader, Roku, which currently sits at 34% of all streaming devices sold in the US.

What does that mean for Apple besides a lousy day at the water cooler (and a 2.5% drop in shares)? It means real financial incentive to make the Apple TV 2.

The study goes on to say that despite not being a bell ringer at the checkout counter, it's still one of the most used set-top boxes of last year with 17% of all usage according to the group.

Considering that there's an Apple event happening in early September, however, we might not have to wait long for the Cupertino company's latest living room device.