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200 million devices already upgraded to iOS 6

iOS 6
Lovin' the iOS 6

Apple CEO Time Cook got the Apple kudos rolling at the company's iPad mini event Tuesday in San Jose, Calif.

In the manner common at these events, the company's chief executive, Tim Cook, laid out a host of facts and figures about just how awesome Apple is.

Starting things off by talking about the iPhone 5 - the fastest selling phone on an opening weekend - Cook revealed that 200 million devices have already upgraded to iOS 6.

That, according to Cook, is the fastest upgrade rate of any software in history, at least as far as Apple is aware.

"Our teams work really, really hard to make sure that as many devices as possible are upgraded to the latest operating system," he said.

More to come

Naturally this event is all about one thing - the mythical iPad mini - and TechRadar is live at the event to bring you the latest news and hands on review of the 7.85-inch tablet.

Stay tuned for all the latest out of San Jose.

Via Engadget