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Listen up #Glassholes: Google released a few new updates for you

Glassholes rejoice! General public, cringe! Google has released a few new updates for those with Google Glass on their faces.

A Google blog highlighted new cards from Google Now that pop up to help you "before you even ask," providing info on things like traffic, weather and movie showtimes.

New voice commands like "Post an update" and navigational commands like "Show route overview" are now included as well, and waiting for a cue is no longer necessary - commands can now be chained together to create longer sentences: "OK Glass, send a message to Kevin."

The Google Glass video player has also been updated to allow more control over playback - tapping can now stop, pause and play while swiping rewinds and fast-forwards.

Additionally, user-created videos (and photos) can now be captioned with hashtags - simply say "hashtag" and a topic for it to pop up - for example, "hashtag TechRadar" aloud equals a #techradar caption.

More blips!

OK Glass, show me more blips.