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RealDVD copy service suspended

Temporary unavailable - the signs aren't good for RealDVD
Temporary unavailable - the signs aren't good for RealDVD

RealNetworks has been told by a judge to stop selling its software RealDVD. The program allows users to rip movies from DVDs and store them on hard drives.

Even though the company is claiming to be the owners of the world's-first legal application to do this job, RealNetworks has been under pressure by movie studios to stop producing the software.

So much so, a lawsuit was filed by the Motion Picture Association of America late last week against the company, citing violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Currently unavailable

The shutdown of RealDVD is a temporary one. A judge asked for RealNetworks to suspend distribution of the software until Tuesday, to allow for the time needed to review all the paperwork related to the case.

At this moment, if you log on to the RealDVD website, you get a 'RealDVD is currently unavailable' notice.