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Sony releases first pocket-sized Bravia TVs

The practice of branding gadgets other than large, flat-screen televisions with names like Aquos and Viera has been confined to mobile phones so far, which makes today's Sony announcement of a pair of mini Bravias a first.

The Japan-only devices are a 3-inch pocket TV and a portable radio with a dinky 2-inch display. Both can pick up only the Japanese 1-seg digital terrestrial TV broadcasts that are such a hit in that country.

EPG recording too

At ¥30,000 (£142), the XDV-G200 AM/FM radio is the cheaper of the pair and can manage about eight hours of TV viewing on a single battery charge. Switch to the radio and that stretches to almost a full day.

The ¥38,000 (£180) XDV-D500 has the same 500:1 contrast ratio and battery life (although the radio on this one keeps going for 34 hours), with the added trick of recording ten hours of TV broadcasts to its 2GB of memory via the 1-seg EPG.

If Japanese business practices are any indicator at all, we can certainly expect to see plenty more cross-branding in our own gadgets before very long.