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First Google Glass update brings the G+ love

Google's intrepid Explorers have only just bagged their early pairs of smart specs, but a new Google Glass update is already being rolled out.

Named XE5, the update includes a range of not-very-exciting bug fixes, but a few optimisation tweaks are in there too. What's more interesting though is the new Google+ support.

Glass will now support incoming G+ notifications, including mentions and comments. It will also allow you to +1 and comment others, as well as supporting alerts for Google Hangouts.


Other new features include international number dialing and overall faster message transcription, as well as a more reliably battery life indicator - all good stuff.

Any down sides? Well the update does bring a new change to sync system, which means you'll need your headgear to be plugged into a power source and connected to Wi-Fi for background uploads to happen. Bummer.

Of course, this won't mean an awful lot for the non-explorers out there (that's just about all of you). You'll still have to wait about a year for Google Glass to make its retail debut.

From Phandroid