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YouTube Connect could knock Periscope off its throne


Google is heavily rumored to be working on a competitor to live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Facebook Live.

Sources have told VentureBeat that Google has been quietly working on a new mobile service called YouTube Connect, which will allow you to live-stream directly to your subscriber base.

YouTube Connect will be available on both iOS and Android devices while functionality won't differ much from the competition, according to a source close to the matter.

Live and kicking

You will be able to log in using your Google or YouTube account, so it's expected you could stream straight to your subscriber base and take advantage of your dedicated followers.

Allegedly you'll also be able to store previous broadcasts within the app, so if your followers miss out you can upload them at a later date.

The source claims that there is currently no way of sharing the links to Facebook or Twitter though, but that may change before it is released.

We'd hope that YouTube Connect will make an appearance at Google I/O when it starts in May.