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iPhone 6 sapphire display escapes knife attack without a scratch

Video: 'iPhone 6' sapphire display emerges from a knife attack without a scratch
This display even survived the dreaded shoe test

The rumoured sapphire crystal display on the iPhone 6 will be virtually scratch-proof and shatter-proof judging by a video claiming to show it under attack from a sharp knife and a bunch of keys.

YouTube user Marques Brownlee claims to have obtained the almost impossibly thin 4.7-inch display part, and proceeded to stab and scratch at it with the knife and the mobile phone's most troublesome pocket pal.

Much to his, and indeed our surprise, the component shows no ill effects of a clash with its metallic foes.

Even when Brownlee, who said he acquired the part from notorious iDevice leakster Sonny Dickson, used all of his might and his shoes in an attempt to snap the display in two, failed miserably.

Later, screen protectors

Unfortunately, as the component wasn't part of a phone, Brownlee wasn't able to perform a drop test.

However, if the part proves to be genuine, it may end the need to acquire an overpriced screen protector, one that peels off after a few clashes with the jeans pocket.

The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in September this year in 4.7- and 5.5-inch iterations.

Via Mashable.