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The LG G3 is aiming for smartphone stardom, and it may just achieve it

Ain't nothing but a G3, baaaby

If you've been left underwhelmed by the Samsung Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 and HTC One (M8), then don't fret: there's another Android flagship set to arrive in the next couple of weeks, and it could turn out to be a blinder.

The LG G3 is set to touch down on 27 May, and if what we've heard is anything to go by, the spot at the top of the smartphone tree may be even tighter come June.

Last year's LG G2 was one of the unsung heroes of 2013. It was hands-down one of the best phones on the market, but was ultimately let down by a cluttered UI and mediocre design that failed to capture the imagination of buyers.

But things could be different this year. We've heard whisperings of a QHD screen and caught peeks at what may or may not be aluminium bodywork. Of course, that's not the only reason we think this phone is set for stardom: check out this week's Phone Show, where Gareth Beavis and John McCann are bringing the hype for the next Android big-hitter.

Oh, and also we have more design info on the iPhone 6, if you're still interested.