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Siri plays coy about iPhone 6S launch

Siri iPhone 6S

We can finally mark it on our calendars that Apple's big iPhone event is scheduled for September 9. Apple will likely unveil the iPhone 6S, but of course, that's still speculation - and Apple knows it.

In fact, you can even try wheedling information out of Siri per the event invite's coy little message, "Hey Siri, give us hint."

The AI voice assistant will then promptly provide highly amusing replies, all without giving up a real answer.

We decided to ask her ourselves politely at first, and then more sternly while offering variations of "give me a hint." You can see in the image we were stonewalled in all of our increasingly ... impatient ... queries.

The digital assistant is a tough nut to crack and didn't fold under the pressure, no matter how much profanity we threw out. You win this round, Siri.