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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leak shows a fusion of new and old

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 renders show off new design for phablet
Galaxy Note 5

Samsung is readying the Galaxy Note 5 for a release in September and we've just got our first leak showing off the design – but it's not the phone in the flesh.

OnLeaks has shared a video of the new phone in a CAD drawing file, meaning we get to see the phone swinging around in all its glory even though there are no official units out in the wild yet.

Obviously a render is a long way from confirmation but OnLeaks has good history of being right with this kind of thing.

According to the file, the phone will be made of metal and will have the dimensions of 152 x 153 x 76mm.

Take note

The render shows what we believe to be the normal version of the phone but we may end up also seeing a Galaxy Note 5 Edge with a curved screen as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The design in the render looks quite similar to the Galaxy Note 4 but also clearly takes inspiration from the Galaxy S6 with a similar, flatter design on the back.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We can also see the S Pen slot at the bottom of the phone confirming there will be a stylus once again.

Via Android Community