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Samsung Cetus i917 revealed in hands-on video

Samsung Cetus - opening (garage) doors to new worlds
Samsung Cetus - opening (garage) doors to new worlds

Samsung's upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset – the Samsung Cetus i917 – has been filmed in the hands of a project manager for Microsoft.

The Samsung Cetus is one of those phones which everybody knows about but it hasn't actually been announced in any official capacity.

The footage, part of an internal Microsoft behind-the-scenes video, show off an app on the handset which controls the heating, lighting and garage doors of a house.

According to Windows Phone 7 program manager Charlie Kindel, the smartphone he shows of was been pre-loaded with "a fairly sophisticated home control system which is front-ended with web services, so I have got the ability to control any of the lights in the house, my garage doors…"

Samsung Cetus

The handset he is using to show off the app (and what Windows Phone 7 can do) appears to be the Samsung Cetus i917.

The last time TechRadar got wind of the Cetus was back in July, where some information on its specs popped up.

These revealed that the Cetus has a 4-inch OLED screen, 5MP camera, front-facing camera, GPS and Bluetooth.

There is no UK release date as of yet for the Samsung Cetus but expect more details to appear when Windows Phone 7 officially arrives in October.

Via Engadget