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Now Apple jailbreaks its own iPhones?

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Well, I don't think it's supposed to come pre-jailbroken

You know the silly season is just around the corner when stories about Apple adding DNA analysis, among other things, to the iPhone get so much attention, however we hadn't realised how unhappy the company was with its plain vanilla handset.

That's the conclusion plenty of observers are drawing after a US patent application came to light that appears to show a jailbroken iPhone on official Apple documents.

Hoax application?

The filing describes a multitude of possible sensors for a future version of the iPhone (including the aforementioned and completely impossible DNA scanner), but shows screenshots containing some very unofficial apps.

Among the usual icons can be seen and SMBPrefs – programs that require an iPhone to be jailbroken, as Apple otherwise won't let them anywhere near its precious handset.

April fool?

Whether this is all part of a silly April Fool's stunt or not – and the application was filed in September 2008 anyway – is by the by, but how did those rogue apps find their way into a public patent application?