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New iPhone 5 picture looks most likely yet

New iPhone 5 picture look most likely yet
iPhone 5... is that you?

New iPhone 5 pictures have surfaced again and while it's nothing we haven't seen, it's the most eye-opening yet.

Rather than a glut of chassis or components, we're treated to a side-by-side comparison between the iPhone 5 and 4S, showing off the longer screen.

The power button is also in the same place as before, as are the front-facing camera and earpiece. This might not sound very interesting, but a number of other bogus 'leaks' have moved these components all over the place.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger

As expected, the new device will make more efficient use of the bezel, which will be necessary to fit in the larger screen without increasing the width of the iPhone 5 - and packing iOS 6 in there will mean more space is key.

Of course, this leak should be treated with as much suspicion as any other iPhone 5 spy shot as Apple becomes ever more secretive over its designs and getting this prototype in front of a camera should be nigh-on impossible.

However, the source page from KitGuru has been removed, hinting at a higher tech-power at work here… although if we were going to create a rumour like this we'd suddenly make the source material disappear too.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone in October this year, with a likely release date of November… still a while to wait, iPhans.

Via Engadget

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