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LG G4 pips rivals to post in Marshmallow upgrade race

LG G4 Marshmallow
LG G4 Marshmallow

The LG G4 will be the first third-party Android device to get the Marshmallow upgrade as it begins to roll out next week.

The catch is it's just coming to Poland for the time being, and it won't come to the rest of Europe or the US until a later date.

A number of Nexus devices already have the software upgrade - but the LG G4 is the first third-party device to see the upgrade as a lot of the Android manufacturers take time to get the updates out.

Ahead of the pack

This update from LG brings a new silent feature as well as Do Not Disturb that blocks all sound in one mode or just alarms and notifications. Permissions have been simplified on the new software as well making it easier to get control of applications on your phone.

There's also Doze Mode that brings all your background apps to a halt when it's sleeping to save on battery life – something the LG G4 really needs.

Android Marshmallow will be coming to LG devices at different times in different markets – how long that's going to take is not clear yet.