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Lenovo won't rip up Motorola roadmap - new Moto X on the horizon

Motorola's already got the Moto X and its smartwatch locked down
But will the new Moto X touch down before 2015 comes around?

Now that Motorola has divorced Google and run off with Lenovo, we wondered if the first fruit of their passions would be the Moto Kutcher.

However we're hearing information that Motorola's device line-up for 2015 is already locked and in the pipeline, so Lenovo won't be interfering much at all.

According to a source with a "pretty flawless track record" speaking to G4Games, the new Moto X is also said to be a done deal, and Lenovo won't make any alterations to the handset.

Motoring ahead

The same source was unable to say whether the Moto X will arrive this year or next, but did say that Motorola's got a 6-inch phablet and a smartwatch set for 2015.

So if this is true, Lenovo's acquisition won't mean many dramatic shifts for Motorola in the coming months as the two get used to their new relationship.