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iPhone 3G in metallic pink, grey or blue

The iPhone Princeton cases
The iPhone Princeton cases

If you want to pimp up your iPhone, but don't fancy paying an arm and a leg to have it painted by Colorware, then these new metallic pink, blue or grey hard cases might just be the ticket.

Princeton designs are releasing the cases in September at a pretty reasonable $38.70 (around £19).

The cases also come equipped with a mirror screen, to make sure nobody sitting next to you in the office, or on the train, can see what you are doodling away at on your iPhone's screen.

Porn star

Still, this is not a reason to be viewing morally questionable iPhone porn in public. Not even if you're at the back of the bus.

That would be wrong, in every way. Keep that kind of behaviour behind locked doors (or at least make sure everyone is out of the house first).