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Google phone announcement expected today?

The Google Phone, or Google phone OS, might be announced later today

Google will finally reveal details of its oft-rumoured Google Phone later today, if sources on the internet are to be believed. (Yes, we've heard this story before, so it could be a lot of internet nonsense.)

The search engine giant is expected to announce deals with T-Mobile and Sprint in the US, along with 'foreign carriers' here in Europe and elsewhere.

Rumours about the Google Phone have been running rife for months, with some speculators saying it'll be a piece of hardware like an Apple iPhone. Others report it'll be a software platform that mobile phone companies like HTC can use as an alternative to the Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The Wall Street Journal said on Friday that the Google Phone will be a software platform that could appear in phones from HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. T-Mobile is also said to have gone even further directly working with Google to develop actual Google phones.