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Google Nexus One shows off Flash video 10.1

Google shows off Flash video on Nexus One
Google shows off Flash video on Nexus One

Adobe has used the announcement of the Google Nexus One phone to show off its ability to run Flash 10.1.

This is the latest version of the online video player, and showing it on the Google Nexus One is a big win for the company that reportedly can't get its software onto the iPhone.

This means that the Nexus One phone will have that must-have feature on a handset –the ability to view sites like YouTube and likely even BBC iPlayer or for games and TV.

Choice of the net

Adobe says that nearly 80 per cent of video on the internet uses Flash, and the company clearly is backing the video format to become ubiquitous on mobile devices in the future, as s demonstrated by its partnership with the likes of Qualcomm, HTC and Google.

The company says it 'has a lot more to do to get this ready' but you can buy a Nexus One, and when Flash player becomes available Adobe will be pushing it out to you lucky people.

If you want to find out more, check out the video below – it's like the internet, only smaller...

Via Engadget