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Dubious pre-MWC 2014 launch tipped for Samsung Galaxy S5

Dubious pre-MWC 2014 launch for Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped
Will Samsung really fly the S5 flag at MWC?

What's this? It's only a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date. Get out your diaries, grab that ballpoint and thumb your way to February 23... wait. What?

According to seasoned mobile leaker and blogger about town, Eldar Murtazin, Samsung will apparently launch the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona on the Sunday before MWC 2014 kicks off.

The tweet reads "Samsung Galaxy S5 launch - 18.00. Barcelona. 23 February. Price the same. Launch - end of April. Specs - u know them :) new touchwiz ;)", which sounds lovely and all - but we're not convinced.

Look at the facts

Samsung has steered clear of MWC in previous years, launching the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 at separate events after the show, allowing its products to garner the maximum amount of publicity instead of being lost in the noise of a trade show.

Various sources have also tipped the Galaxy S5 launch for March, with an event taking place in either London or New York - not Barcelona.

Either way we'll find out in a month's time if Murtazin was on the money, or off the mark.

Via PhoneArena