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Dell's Android phone finally official

Dell's new Mini i3 - finally official
Dell's new Mini i3 - finally official

Dell's much vaunted smartphone has finally debuted officially in China as part of the China Mobile Application Platform.

The leaks over the last few weeks have all proved true, with the phone called the Mini 3i, using a modified version of Android and packing some distinctly average specs.

We're talking no 3G, a 3MP camera, no Wi-Fi, a microSD slot and a 950mAh battery, which is more powerful than it sounds seeing as it doesn't have 3G or Wi-Fi to worry about.

Slimmer and sleeker

The new Mini 3i is part of the Application Platform, which also includes handset from the likes of Nokia, and has also been known as 'oPhone' in the past.

The Mini 3i is certainly slim and sleek, but looks like a Samsung wannabe more than anything else. It's also only China-bound for the moment, although it seems that this will be something of a test bed for the rest of the world should the Chinese go ga-ga for it.

And who knows? Average specs might come with a less than average price - if Dell manages to bring Android to the world for a very cheap price point, then it could be the springboard into smartphones the company has been craving.

Via Cloned in China